Anjali Pal


I am a second-year PhD student in the PLSE group at the University of Washington. Zach Tatlock is my advisor.

Prior to grad school, I was a software engineer. I spent one year at Google working on Android Maps and Cloud Storage Security & Privacy, then I worked at for three years, where I built block-based programming environments for K-12 students.


OOPSLA 2023 Equality Saturation Theory Exploration à la Carte
Anjali Pal, Brett Saiki, Cynthia Richey, Ryan Tjoa, Amy Zhu, Oliver Flatt, Max Willsey, Zachary Tatlock, Chandrakana Nandi
paper | slides | talk | code


Teaching Assistantships

Winter 2024 University of Washington CSE 331
Software Design & Implementation
Winter 2023 University of Washington CSE 505
Programming Languages
Spring 2017 Brown University CS 8
A First Byte of Computer Science
Fall 2016 Brown University CS 173*
Programming Languages
Spring 2016 Brown University CS 195Y
Logic for Systems
Fall 2015 Brown University CS 17*
Intro. Functional Programming
Spring 2014 Brown University CS 18
Intro. Object Oriented Programming
Fall 2014 Brown University CS 17
Intro. Functional Programming
* = Head Teaching Assistant

Guest Lectures

November 2023 Software Best Practices in Practice (slides)
Brown University CS 32 (Intro. Software Engineering)
May 2023 SlideRule: A Domain-Specific Language for Rewrite Rule Inference Using Equality Saturation (slides)
Brown University CS 171 (Logic For Systems)
April 2022 Dependency Migration in Practice (slides)
Brown University CS 32 (Intro. Software Engineering)


Spring 2024 PNW PLSE
CSE 492R: Undergraduate Research Seminar
Grad Student Panelist
Winter 2024 SPLASH OOPSLA 2024
Artifact Evaluation Committee
Spring 2023 PNW PLSE



Github: ajpal